Tuesday, August 22, 2006


An update on a previous post, I got the queen!!!! Here's the detail that I got of her...

Name: Delphineth

Color: Gold

Egg: Golden Nocturne

Impressing too: Mhari

Physical Description: Delphineth is a muted honey-gold in color, well proportioned but relatively small for her color; larger than a bronze but smaller than the average gold. Her hide is smooth and even-toned, color fading to a pale white-gold around her underbelly but not blotchy or mottled.

Personality: Delphineth has incredible potential, but it will take hard work from both her and her rider to help her reach it. She is quite self-assured, being not just a gold, but the only gold on Pern. The entire planet was holding its breath for her arrival – and rightly so, as far as she is concerned. It will take a good rider to help Delphineth realize there is more to being a gold than the color of her hide; that it will take work to become a good queen. She is naturally inclined to be lazy and a little conceited, but is completely devoted to her rider. If her rider can help Delphineth overcome those tendencies, she will find great strength and determination underlying them.

Mhari's the name of my character in case you hadn't guessed... I have a queen *sings and bounces*....


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